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How to market content and brand through digital and social media

My testament to how Google rewards quality contents and white hat SEO

I recently have not been writing for the blog as often as I used to, but the blog traffic keeps going up, setting another monthly record in March, with more than 23,000 page views and over 15,000 visitors. Majority of … Continue reading

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Selected readings: SWOT analysis of social media marketing

In preparation for an online course Social Media Marketing, I selected four articles that answer some common questions about social media SWOT analysis. I want to share these articles with fellow instructors and I invite suggestions on good reading materials.

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Content ideas for social media marketing: How to pinpoint specific topics using Google autocomplete and Keyword Planner

Social media managers and content marketers can use Google and third-party tools to pinpoint specific topics, not just broad keywords, that people are actually searching for.

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Social media monitoring: A must-have skill for communication majors

Social media monitoring is a practice that sees widespread use in various industries, and should be part of the core curriculum for every communication degree program.

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Hashtag research: How to search relevant hashtags for social media marketing

Social media marketers can use hashtag search tools to find topical influencers and hashtags they use, and research hashtags that are relevant to the contents being promoted.

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Digital journalism internship opportunities abound at nonprofits

After student journalists have been scared straight by their professors about the harsh realities of landing a job in media, obtaining an internship is the top priority. ┬áThe majority of students focus on interning at a TV station or newspaper, … Continue reading

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Twitter advertising best practices: 5 tips from a Twitter Ads campaign

If you are interested in advertising on Twitter, the five tips from my trial of Twitter Ads may help you better run your own campaign.

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Beyond student workers: Journalism internships in digital age

With faculty consultant and student interns, journalism schools can help develop and execute a content strategy for nonprofit organizations.

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Free online course, Audio Photo Slideshow Storytelling, to start Feb. 10

A free 5-week online course in audio photo slideshow storytelling that teaches participants how to make a slideshow, which is two skills in one: create an audio slideshow, and tell a story using visual narrative techniques.

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SEO tutorial: Keyword research and placement

SEO techniques for people who don’t have access to commercial keyword tools – how to research keywords using free SEO tools, and place selected keywords in a way that facilitates search engine indexing and ranking. These search engine optimisation (SEO) … Continue reading

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