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tips, techniques and best practices for making audio photo slideshows

Five shot sequence: Tutorial and example

Five shot sequence is a popular filming technique that uses five different shots to depict an activity. In my open online course Audio Slideshow Storytelling, students need to study a tutorial and create a sequence. I want to share the … Continue reading

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Training, more than equipment, is key to quality video production

A participant in my recent open online course, Audio Slideshow Storytelling, shows us that anyone, with proper training, can produce a good story using consumer-level equipment and free software.

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How to make an audio slideshow: My step-by-step advice to students

To create audio slideshow profile stories, one needs to know, among others, what questions to ask, what photos to take and what sound effects to use.

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Telling a story using audio slideshow: Student works in my open online course

About 190 people from 46 countries and regions took the recent Audio Slideshow Storytelling class, a free online course offered by this blog. Here’s a recap of what they learned and two sample stories they produced.

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Good photography is key to producing compelling audio slideshows

The “old school” photography course should be part of the curriculum core of a “digital journalism” program because, among others, good photography helps produce a compelling audio slideshow story.

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Journalistic skills are key to effective audio slideshow storytelling

It’s now easy and popular to create an audio slideshow, but it takes training and expertise to create a good audio slideshow story. To best leverage the narrative power of audio slideshows, one needs both production and journalistic skills:

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Sound photo slideshow editing tips: How to pace slideshow and move photos

A slideshow needs good photos, good sound as well as good editing. Here’s two editing tips that will make best use of the (well-taken) photos: alternate the slideshow with still and moving segments; use small, slow, smooth photo movements. A … Continue reading

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Free web hosting of Soundslides slideshows using Dropbox

A simple and free solution for Soundslide users who don’t want to pay for web hosting services but may have occasional needs to share a sound slideshow online – use Dropbox. What is Dropbox? If you haven’t used Dropbox – … Continue reading

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Critiquing student audio slideshow projects

The good: a variety of close-up shots showing details, which adds to the visual variety of the slideshow; the producer also paid attention to matching the photos with interview narration – for instance, when the girl says in the interview … Continue reading

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How to shoot photos for an audio slideshow

A recent post at Poynter lists out the five types of photos that make for good visuals in an audio slideshow: the scene setter, the medium shot, the portrait, capturing details, and capturing action. While these are good observations, they … Continue reading

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