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How to use Google Analytics: Interactive quiz proves effective training tool

Instructors preparing for a Google Analytics training session can create self-paced, interactive quizzes to help students navigate the complex interface of a Google Analytics account.

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Web analytics for newsroom and classroom: Essential metrics journalists should know and use

A national survey reveals seven top web metrics that top-level U.S. editors monitor; journalists and journalism students should learn how to read and interpret these key performance indicators, as well as the limitations of each metric.

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Learning Google Analytics: Selected readings to get you started

I want to share a list of readings that I compiled for the introduction session of my Web Analytics open course; the list may be of use to instructors teaching web analytics; suggestions for additional readings are always welcomed.

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Journalism schools need to teach web metrics as it sees increasing use in newsrooms

A survey of 114 top-level news editors shows widespread use of web metrics in U.S. newsrooms and this means j-schools need to add metrics and analytics as part of the changing journalism curriculum.

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Suggestions and resources: Teaching web metrics and Google Analytics to communication students

Many communication instructors do not have prior expertise in web metrics, which is a new and increasingly important skill for today’s communication workers. Here’s some advice and resources that may help an instructor prepare, structure and teach courses in web … Continue reading

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Essential web analytics knowledge for journalism students: Understanding key Google Analytics reports for content management

As future content producers or managers, journalism students should learn to analyze relevant Google Analytics reports of key performance indicators (KPIs) such as bounce rate, average time on site, pageviews per visit, new vs returning visitors, and recency.

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