Critiquing student audio slideshow projects

The good: a variety of close-up shots showing details, which adds to the visual variety of the slideshow; the producer also paid attention to matching the photos with interview narration – for instance, when the girl says in the interview that “it is also important to communicate with the kitchen…,” there is a photo showing her talking to people in the kitchen.

The not-so-good: no nat sound; the piece could’ve included some typical sound in the restaurant to break the narration which runs from start to finish. The producer could use some nat sound to open the piece, and to intersperse with the narration.

The interesting: this slideshow is a student production as part of a mid-term exam, and it comes with a text story on one webpage. What interests me about this project is that on that webpage, next to the article, the student also writes several “highlights” of the slideshow video, which is a good idea to entice people to watch the slideshow.

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