Guide to Internet Search

“Beyond Google.pdf” – peruse and then explore this excellent list of international search tools and useful websites compiled by NPR’s data maven Margot Williams, an expert at tracking people, assets, prisoners, planes and just about everything else worldwide. @MargotWilliams

For those of you having difficulty downloading the .doc file, we have posted the links below:

Beyond Google 2013

Margot Williams – NPR

IRE June 2013

NSA: Untangling the Web

Find a person:

Find a person: Work

Search Public Records

Corporation Research


Watchlists, Wanted & Missing Persons Lists

Data and Statistics

International planes & ships finders

Interesting Databases

FOIAs, leaks and deletes

Lobbying for US and non-US interests

Senate Office of Public Records Lobbying Disclosure Act

  • US State Dept. Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) since 1940s

US Lawmakers & Officials Disclosure


Office of Government Ethics

Center for Responsive Politics

Campaign Finance FEC

National Archives

Digital library access

Web Research Updates

(this list was compiled by Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas)

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  1. TrevorB says:

    Excellent list! I recently helped put together a comprehensive directory of OSINT resources. Thought it might be worth adding to your links:

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