Highlights in Knight Foundation’s open letter on journalism education reform

Knight Foundation today issued an open letter to university presidents urging changes in journalism education. Here’s some statements and arguments in the letter which may be of interest to journalism educators:

In this new digital age, we believe the “teaching hospital” model offers great potential.  At its root, this model requires top professionals in residence at universities.

Schools that do not update their curriculum and upgrade their faculties to reflect the profoundly different digital age of communication will find it difficult to raise money from foundations interested in the future of news.

ACEJMC should develop accreditation standards that spotlight the importance of technology and innovation.

Journalism funders agree that academia must be leading instead of resisting the reform effort.

The journalism profession is undergoing tremendous changes – how should journalism education catch up?

About Mu Lin

Dr. Mu Lin is a digital journalism professional and educator in New Jersey, United States. Dr. Lin manages an online marketing company. He also manages MulinBlog Online J-School (www.mulinblog.com/mooc), a free online journalism training program, which offers courses such as Audio Slideshow Storytelling; Introduction to Social Media Marketing; Writing for the Web; Google Mapping for Communicators; Introduction to Data Visualization; Introduction to Web Metrics and Google Analytics.
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