A step-by-step guide to shooting iPhone video

RTÉ journalist Philip Bromwell shot a video on iPhone and compiled a cheat sheet with shot-by-shot shooting instructions. I will use the video and the shot list as required readings in mobile production courses, and want to recommend them to anyone who needs to teach or learn mobile journalism.

The video is titled “King of Coffee,” and tells about Seivijus “Elvis” Matiejunas, who has been training around the clock as he prepares to represent Ireland at the World Latte Art Championships in Australia. This news report was shot on an iPhone 5S and broadcast on RTÉ News, Ireland’s national broadcaster, on May 14, 2014.

Based on this video, Philip and his colleague Glen Mulcahy compiled a “mobile journalism cheat sheet.” The cheat sheet contains a list of 12 key shots, each with a screen capture and a brief explanation; it also contains tips for app setting and other production preparations. For purpose of this post, I only extracted the shot list from the cheat sheet:

mobile journalism examplesmobile journalism examples

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