Free Online Journalism Course Schedule

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Available digital journalism courses

  • Audio Slideshow Storytelling
  • Introduction to Social Media Marketing
  • Writing for the Web
  • Google Mapping for Communicators
  • Introduction to Data Visualization
  • Introduction to Web Metrics and Google Analytics

Notes about course availability:

  • Specific start date for a scheduled course will be announced on this page and on the school website one month before the course starts, and the course will be available for self-enrollment
  • New courses are being developed and the list will be updated periodically as the courses become available
  • The courses and the schedule are subject to change/cancellation without notice
  • Contributions and suggestions are always welcomed in developing new courses or improving existing courses

More information about MulinBlog Online J-School

Digital journalism course syllabus

You can download course syllabi by following the links, or directly view the syllabi embedded below on this page.

Please note that the courses will be updated periodically to reflect the best and most up-to-date industry practices.

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44 Responses to Free Online Journalism Course Schedule

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  2. We should arrange such lectures online in the press clubs of Pakistan, let us make it possible.

  3. Can we manage such lectures on the weekly basis or the monthly basis for the journalists in Pakistan.

    • mulinblog says:

      More sessions of each subject will be added after the first run. You can register for future open sessions or, if you prefer, you can book a dedicated session just for members of your organization.

  4. Tamadher Ali says:

    I want to put on these sessions, but how is a way to register?????

  5. Nastya says:

    But I have problems with registration, I didn’t receive a letter on my e-mail

  6. hamza says:

    Hi, how can i apply please ?

  7. holuolumide says:

    hello, is it still posssible that i join the how to write for the web class knowing that u’ve strtd for over a week now?

  8. neha says:

    how can i sign up for the course but i guess i am too late to apply for the writing for the web. will this course will be available after expiration of the course online?bcoz i cannot find the course any where in your website plz help

    • mulinblog says:

      The web writing course has ended. It will be offered again later this year, so bookmark this page for announcement of when it will be offered.

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  10. Prince says:

    Are the courses certified

    • mulinblog says:

      No, the courses are not for degree-granting program; they are free courses offered for general training purposes.

  11. Julia says:

    Hello! Could you tell me please, how can I enroll the course “Intro to the data visualization” if it has been started already? I’m registered at, but I haven’t found any course registration there. Thank you.

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  13. Where can I take a grant writing course online?

  14. kausarbilal says:

    I am a blogger and interested in the online course. When are you going to offer it again?

  15. morteza qarehkhani says:

    how can i enroll? i found no icon for enrolling!

  16. Such a great news for the students who want to apply for the online journalism course! Now they can easily enroll themselves for the course by following the given steps.

  17. Wow!! This is exactly the information which I have searched for many days. I have bookmarked your site and definitely forward this to my friends.

  18. I am obliged to you or sharing the information about the start of online courses. Please inform me if the tentative dates as per the schedule are actually finalized.

    • Mu Lin says:

      As I said on the schedule page, start date for a scheduled course will be announced one month before the course starts. New courses are being developed and will be added.

  19. This is the opportunity I’ve been waiting for! Thanks to online education!

  20. Sravt Clav says:

    Thanks For Sharing your Valuable in formation,this is very useful information you Provide

  21. Grace Ekang says:

    This is fantastic, what people pay a lot of money for to acquire is free from Mulinblog, just like that. thanks for putting this together for us. you guys are great. information is vital to our daily lives especially as journalists.Thank you

  22. Nilantha says:


  23. Waisale says:

    i am interested in this… it possible for me to enroll now or should i wait for next year???….

    This is just so great!!

  24. kumah drah says:

    just enrolled for Audio Slideshow Storytelling (Aug. 4 – Sept. 8)

  25. I have enrolled but have no idea how to attend the classes and when.

    • Mu Lin says:

      Log in to your account and the course. Read contents in the introduction section for how to move about an online course and how to make a post; go to Week 1 module, read the lesson, participate in discussions and start working on the assignment.

  26. Hello! I just took the first part of the course, it was really helpful in understanding how audience perceive digital content… Thanks! Looking forward for the future lessons!

  27. K. Lemons says:

    I am looking for a course on creating training videos that use live screen capture. Are there good tools other then camtasia, how to plot out lesson plans, lighting, audio, production, distribution, monetization. Being able to create video content for my blog is really important to me. But it is hard to find a concise free course that will teach me how to do this. Help!

  28. Informative Article. Thanks for sharing..

  29. sonalbisht says:

    Thanks for sharing a Such a useful information.

  30. Thanks for sharing informative article for us keep good posting

  31. biki hakap says:

    if I want to practice how could i

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