Multimedia journalism education in U.S.: What is a multimedia journalism course?

Unlike courses in a conventional journalism concentration where course titles are more or less standardized, multimedia journalism courses come in a variety of titles – so diversified that one may have difficulty ascertaining the nature of the course just by looking at the course title. This is an observation of about 40 BA/BS programs on the popular map of multimedia journalism degree programs.

Here is a list of some dedicated courses in multimedia journalism. It should be noted that many courses do not literally use “multimedia” or “multiplatform” in the course title. Whereas the nature of some courses is easily identifiable by their titles, some other courses were identified by examining the course description and, in some cases, the syllabus. Also, as I mentioned in previous posts, it is difficult to ascertain multimedia journalism elements that are built into conventional courses.

  • Texas Tech University: News Presentation I; News Presentation II.
  • Morehead State University: Multimedia News Gathering; Advanced Multimedia News.
  • Loyola University Chicago: Reporting and Writing Across Platforms; Technology for Journalists.
  • Eastern Illinois University: Online Journalism; Advanced New Media Design; Interactive Reporting and Design.
  • California Polytechnic State University: Intro to web-based journalism
  • Jackson State University: Online Journalism; Multimedia Reporting.
  • University of Maine: Digital Journalism; Journalism Across Platform.
  • Lynn University: Multimedia Journalism; Online and Print Journalism I.
  • University of Texas at Austin: Digital Storytelling Basics
  • University of Denver: Online & Visual Journalism; Multiplatform Storytelling.
  • Temple University: Multimedia Storytelling
  • Emerson College: The Digital Journalist
  • Washington State University: Reporting Across Platforms; Editing Across Platforms.
  • Augustana College: Multimedia Reporting I: Information Gathering & Writing; Multimedia Reporting II: Website & Photography; Multimedia Reporting III: Audio & Video.
  • University of Florida: Visual Journalism; Multimedia Writing; Multimedia Reporting.
  • Towson University: Journalism/New Media I; Journalism/New Media II.
  • Rowan University: Online Journalism I; Online Journalism II.
  • Concordia University: Digital Tools for Journalists; Multi-platform Journalism.
  • Arizona State University: Multimedia Reporting; Advanced Online Media.

Some other programs have a capstone course where multimedia journalism is a focus. For instance, at Michigan State University, “The Spartan Online Newsroom” is a required journalism core course which, according to the syllabus, teaches multimedia or multiplatform reporting and production. At Temple University, Philadelphia Neighborhoods, a multimedia news room emphasizing neighborhood reporting, is a required cornerstone of all journalism students.

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  1. Karl Idsvoog says:

    The key is to be teaching journalism. All the technology is worthless if the journalism isn’t solid. Journalism is about verification, about getting at the truth. The role of a journalist is not to be a human microphone stand.

  2. mulinblog says:

    Yes, that is very true. If you look at the journalism programs that incorporate multimedia or multiplatform elements, you will see that almost all the programs designate some form of news writing as a required or core course.

  3. Vikram says:

    Thank you for sharing the good information journalism..

  4. Dean Al-Gamereau says:

    I always got a new lesson, precious, and interesting from you. Innovation and your creations are so great and helpful. Most of your course material I mentioned in propaganda training Majlis Ulama Indonesia Lebak Regency (Banten), the end of last year. I teach social media for the propagation of Islam. Thank you, Dr. Mulin!

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