My testament to how Google rewards quality contents and white hat SEO

I recently have not been writing for the blog as often as I used to, but the blog traffic keeps going up, setting another monthly record in March, with more than 23,000 page views and over 15,000 visitors. Majority of the traffic came from Google referrals; check out the list of 100+ keywords for which this blog appears among the top 10 search results, and read about my content strategy and SEO strategy.

Google Webmaster Tools has a “Search Queries” report that shows the specific keywords for which my blog appeared in the search results; the report also provides information for each keyword such as numbers of impressions and clicks, click-through-rate (CTR) and average position.

As an example, when people search Google for drone filming tips, one of my blog post shows up in the search results with an average position of 1.3, which means that post usually appears toward the top of page 1 of all the search results, as seen in the screen shot below. The search was conducted as of this writing.

mulinblog seo

I looked into my site’s search queries report for the first three months of 2015; the report looks unwieldy with more than 17,000 keyword entries, so I applied two filters to narrow it down a bit: filter out keywords that (a) contain “embed” or (b) have fewer than 10 impressions/clicks.

With a few exceptions, keywords that contain “embed” mostly point to the all-time popular post on my blog, How to embed a “live” web page in WordPress blog posts; without filtering out “embed,” the search query report is littered with “embed”-related keywords linking to that post.

The filtered list of keywords is still too long, so I only looked at keywords for which my blog has an average page position of 10 and above. A Google search results page usually contains 10 organic search results; an “average” position of 10 means my blog may appear at the end of the first page or at the top of the second page.

I ended up having a list of more than 100 keywords for which my blog appeared among the top 10 search results, and the keywords come in a large variety. If you are interested, try searching one of those keywords and look for results that begin with Note that my blog’s position for a particular keyword may shift at time of your search.

I’m attaching a screenshot of that list and, in case some of you may ask, here is how I made it: in a nutshell, it is a focused content strategy and a routine SEO strategy; follow the two links to read the corresponding articles for more details.mulinblog seo


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