One, and only one, CSU campus offers a multimedia journalism program

Among the 10 California State University campuses that have an accredited journalism program, CSU Long Beach is the only school that offers a multimedia journalism program. This is what I found out when updating the list of multimedia journalism programs in U.S.

According to my criteria of multimedia journalism program, this is a “fully integrated” multimedia journalism program: it has a dedicated multimedia journalism course, “Introduction to Online Media,” AND it doesn’t have separate tracks such as print/broadcast/magazine.

It is interesting to note that this program at CSU Long Beach adopted its current degree requirements in fall 2011; among the changes is the addition of “Introduction to Online Media” as a required course.

The other nine CSU campuses I examined are CSU Chico, CSU Dominguez Hills, CSU Fresno, CSU Fullerton, CSU Hayward, CSU LA, CSU Northridge, CSU Sacramento, CSU Bakersfield. This list is from the 2010 national survey of 483 journalism programs, which was published at Journalism & Mass Communication Educator (winter 2011).

It surprises me that none of these nine schools has a multimedia journalism program (per my definition): no “fully integrated” ones, no “partly integrated” ones, no “silos,” and rarely could I find electives in multimedia journalism courses. CSU Northridge has a few multimedia journalism courses: “Daily Sundial Practicum” and “Special Topic: New Media.” However, the special topic is not a required course, and the practicum is not required of all concentrations (newspaper, broadcast, magazine, etc.).

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