Storify as teaching tool: tips on sequence video shooting techniques

Storify, the popular content curation tool, is also a useful tool for teaching multimedia production. See below for a comparison of two approaches to the discussion of “sequence video shooting techniques”: one approach is a “text + screenshots” style that is typical of online “how-to” articles; the other approach is more visual and engaging – it curates multiple selected text/image/video all in one place.

“Text + screenshots” approach

Move your mouse over the embedded article below and scroll down to explore how this article discusses the topic using mostly text with a few video screenshots, as well as a few links pointing to sample videos which, upon click, will show up in a separate window.


The visual approach using Storify

Explore the embedded Storify project below and compare it with the previous one. This is a Storify project I created for use in a video production class, which pulls together some online video samples I have collected over the years when teaching field production.

Click to play the sample videos as you read along the brief explanations. You’ll agree that this Storify approach is more engaging than a “text + images” style – we all know that when online, people prefer watching over reading.

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