How to embed customized video playlists in online training

If you are an online instructor or trainer and need to show multiple videos in a blog post, an online course lecture page, or a tutorial page, I recommend a free web service,, which allows you to create, customize and embed a video playlist.

There are times an online instructor/trainer wants to have texts and videos on the same page, so that readers don’t need to go back and forth between the text page and the several separate (Youtube) video pages. A common practice has been to embed the videos one by one on the text page; however, readers then need to scroll up and down on the page, shuffling between the text and the videos. And we all know people don’t like scrolling.

I found a solution while preparing for a module in my free online course in mobile video storytelling. When preparing a lecture page on how to shoot b-rolls, I have a collection of sample videos and the lecture texts contain references to specific shots in the videos.

The solution, a free version of, can (a) show all videos on the same page and (b) show all videos in the same player window. All I need to do is to create a playlist with several Youtube videos, tweak the look and feel of the playlist, then copy the embedding codes for use on any web page.

Here is the video player/playlist of four videos that I will use in my online video storytelling course; note I’m using the free version of which comes with a short commercial when one clicks to play the first video.

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