Using social media to market online degree program: Start a conversation on Facebook page

Some thoughts, borrowed from Facebook’s tutorial on “Building Your Business With Facebook Pages,” about how to best use the online program’s Facebook page. This is a continuation of a previous post on how Georgian Court University’s online programs can use social media tools for promotion and marketing.

Schedule time for Facebook. Set aside 5-10 minutes each day to monitor the Facebook Page and post updates. This may be a dedicated staff member, or it could be faculty members taking turns to update the page.

Keep it human: Be conversational, personal and authentic. Share video and photos of activities of the program, faculty members, alumni, etc. It engages followers if they feel they are conversing with a human they relate to.

Encourage fan participation: Create fun, engaging conversations with clear calls-to-action. Ask questions and reward responses. If someone posts something interesting, repost it and respond personally to them. Allow fans to post directly to the program’s wall with questions, feedback and compliments.

Reward fans. Post offers for Facebook fans, like program T-shirts or mugs, for spreading the word about the program on social networks.

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Dr. Mu Lin is a digital journalism professional and educator in New Jersey, United States. Dr. Lin manages an online marketing company. He also manages MulinBlog Online J-School (, a free online journalism training program, which offers courses such as Audio Slideshow Storytelling; Introduction to Social Media Marketing; Writing for the Web; Google Mapping for Communicators; Introduction to Data Visualization; Introduction to Web Metrics and Google Analytics.
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